The Mossad is the Jewish intelligence agency. Which is working for the safety of Jews all over the world.

Mossad intelligence operatives are very clever and cunning. Some believe that Mossad members are more trained and smarter than a typical NATO or US soldier. The Mossad was established only to protect the Jews.

Mossad was established on 13 December 1949. From 1952 to 1963, his tractor carried out secret attacks on behalf of Jews in various parts of the world and killed many world leaders. Many believe that the Mossad and the USA had a hand in the events of 9/11 in 2002.

Many people think that the Mossad is an Israeli intelligence agency that works only for Israel. But this is completely wrong Mossad works for Jews scattered around the world, as became clear when 11 Jewish athletes were killed in a Palestinian attack at the Summer Olympics in Germany on September 5, 1972.

The Mossad does not care about the safety of Muslims or other religions living in Israel. Ali Hassan Salameh, known as the Red Prince, was killed by a Mossad agent who was known to be a close friend of Ali Hassan until his assassination. This shows how trained and clever the intelligence operatives of Mossad are.

Now the question is where does Mossad’s money come from. Everyone knows that running an intelligence agency requires money. One third of Mossad’s money comes from America. Now many may question what is the benefit of America giving money to the Mossad. America says we don’t want any trouble in the Middle East, so we give Mossad money and weapons. But many analysts think they want the Mossad in the Middle East so that no other Arab or Middle Eastern country can speak over America. Arabs and Israel have fought 8 times so far, in which the Arabs are outnumbered, but Israel has won each time only with the help of the Mossad and America.

Most of the Mossad’s money comes from the Rothschild family. The founding name of this family is Mayer Amsehel Rothschild. Who is called the visionary of the State of Israel. And it was through the efforts of this family that the State of Israel was born. They carry 2/3 of Mossad’s money. They are the largest business family in Europe.

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