USA Don’t Want me as a Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that USA don’t want me as a prime minister of Bangladesh that’s way they prohibition at our country. She also said that USA is blind about human rights because when my full family was killed by military attack they didn’t sanctions them.

She said this in an interview with BBC. The host asked her about the voting rights of the people of Bangladesh as 2018 election Aouamiy Lig got 94% vote & Transparency International’s survey said that it was rigging on 49 polling station out of 50.

Sheikh Hasina answered it that whole of my life I fought for the voting democracy & people vote us for the development. The host also asked about the political murder like in 2018 it was 466, 388 in 2019, 180 in 2020 reported by German press Deutsche Welle. Sheikh Hasina answered it was made by the opposition party. She said there was no prove about that.

She also said there are zero tolerance in Bangladesh & in USA every day more than two people is killed by police or military but in Bangladesh there had just one case in the last 14 years. The Host asked her what do you think why USA sanction on your para military? Sheikh Hasina answered that they didn’t want me as a prime minister of Bangladesh.

At the end of the interview they talk about Rohingya Issue. Sheikh Hasina said that Rohingya have to go Myanmar. Bangladesh is not their home. UN & Human Rights Commission have to work on it.

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