Turkey’s Elections

Turkey is a big name in international politics.  Turkey has become a geopolitically important part of the country since Erdoğan took over the country’s government for the past 22 years.

The 2023 election is a big deal for Turkish people and Turkish politics.  The biggest reason behind this is that this year marks the 100th anniversary of Turkey’s transition from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic of Turkey.  The country’s electoral system is different from other countries.  Here a person casts 2 votes.  One vote he gives to the government and the other to the President.  A majority is enough to form Turkey’s government, which Erdoğan’s AK Party achieved by winning 322 seats.  But to become president, he needs 50 percent of the vote, which Erdoğan did not get for the first time.  Erdoğan received a total of 49.62 votes, so the presidential election will be held again on May 28.  But in that case the person who gets the highest number of votes will be elected.

Erdoğan has gained immense popularity since assuming power.  A look at the failed military coup of 2016 shows that.  Common people also took to the streets against the coup.  The biggest move Erdoğan has made is foreign policy.  His foreign minister, Malvut Cavusoglu, helped him the most in that regard.  Even the opposition parties hold Cavusoglu in high esteem.  Many in Turkey call him a foreigner.  Western analysts believe he was born to be foreign minister.  He has taken very subtle and effective steps on many big issues.

Erdogan’s popularity dates back to when he was the mayor of Istanbul.  When everyone thought that Erdoğan would lose in this election, his party surprised everyone and formed the government.  Among the reasons cited for his defeat was that he was unable to act in the earthquake.  But he got the most votes there in the election.  On the other hand, the reason for the defeat of his opposition party, CHP, is said to be that the prayers hurt the feelings of Muslims.  Erdoğan’s loss was covered by many Western media outlets, including the BBC.

Turkish people believe that Erdoğan will continue the progress of Turkey as he has improved the country’s technology and military.  Turkey’s devout Muslim population loves Erdogan.  And Turkey’s new voters are also on Erdoğan’s side.  A poll found that Turkey’s new voters, young people and students, are more likely to vote for Erdoğan’s AK Party.  Let’s see what happens till the next presidential election.

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